DRZ 400E exhaust

I own a new 2012 DRZ400s and have been looking around for an exhaust that I don't have to repack and decided that a stock E model full exhaust would be the best way to go. I found a good price on an '05 rear can and now will need to purchase a E header. Can I get a new '05 header through my local Suzuki dealer or through an online source? Also, I've learned through reading multiple posts on this an other sites that the mid-pipe mount is slightly different and that I'll have to mount it through one of the rear foot peg mounts. Are there any other mounting issues I need to be aware of?

I picked up a very good condition stock can for $40 the other day from a parted out '05 and now I just need the header pipe. I couldn't find anything on Ebay, but found two sites that sell new OEM Suzuki parts and they list the header as available so I think I'm going to just go the stock route.

Don't forget to check the classifieds on TT. That's where I got my E header for a great price. You can actually use the S/SM muffler, which is apparently the same internally as the E muffler in the US, with the E header with a simple mod. Here's a link:


I fitted an S subframe on my E and had lots of mid pipe mounting point issues.

My bike an E, front pipe standard, rear is DEP. The fitted was pretty good on the E sub-frame (as you'd expect) but a PITA on the S.

Not only was the hole in the wrong place it's also too far inwards so was pushing the pipe into the rear spring - be prepared to have to dent the pipe to stop it fouling on the spring. It's also a little too far back so opens up the gap where your pipe join - that may just have been because of my pannier attachment part though.

Either way it can be a real PITA.

Next time I fit the S subframe I may pick up a used S rear pipe as well.

Thanks Dick, I'll take a look at the forums before I buy a new header. As to the mounting, I intend to fab a bracket of some sort and maybe install a spacer if needed to get it to mount up. I was initially going to go with a LV or FMF, but don't want to deal with the packing so I thought the stock E exhaust would be the best route for me.

Anyone have pics of their S model with an E exhaust so I can get an idea of what I'll need to do?


I read the post, but want to keep my stock exhaust intact in case I ever decide to put it back on.

Thanks for the links Dick. This looks like a much bigger job than I initially thought! I guess I'll have to rethink this...maybe a trip to the muffler shop with my standard S exhaust is in order, or leave it alone and just do the rejet and 3x3..

I have a full setup with E header, heat shield, slip joint & S silencer in decent condition for sale but it ships from 96815 (Honolulu). I might consider selling just the header.

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