DID 520 ERV3 x-ring chain

Need help guys! Bought a new chain and it does not come with a master link. It appears the link has to be pressed on? I have a chain press tool I just bought, how do I install this chain? Help ASAP

There are many Utube videos available on the Web that show how to use a chain master link press to install a removable master link . If your chain came with a permanent master link (a master link that will be riveted together) there are videos available on the Web that will provide you with step-by-step instructions for this installation also.

So do I need a rivit tool or can I use my chain press and just press the link together

Does your master link have the traditional clip assembly to hold the master link side plate in place? If so, then you have a removable and reuseable master link. Install it using a chain master link press. I've had good luck using a small socket placed over the hole in the side plate and squeezing the master link and socket with pliers. What you have With the modern reusable master links is a press fit that must be overcome in order to install the side plate clip.

If your master link does not have the removable clip to secure the master link side plate, then it would seem that you have a permanent (riveted) master link. You must install this master link using a chain riveting tool. The riveting tool will mushroom the ends of the two pins that protrude through the master link side plate. This is a better method of joining the two ends of the chain. No clips to wear and break or be caught by the chain guide and flung off. It is the system used for bicycle chains. A shade tree mechanic would use a heavy C clamp and a ball bearing to mushroom the two pins to the correct diameter -- I don't remember the dimension, but you should be able to find it on the Web.

Perfect,that's what I was looking for. Thanks

Don't know if you have this figured out yet. But I have a ERV3 chain and wanted to run a clip style master. They do not make a clip style master for this chain. I emailed DID and this is their response:

Dear Sir or Madam,

Thank you for contacting D.I.D. Unfortunately, D.I.D does not produce a clip type master link for this series. However, we do know of a clip type master link that will fit this chain but we cannot recommend it as it is a different series. So please use caution and be aware that if something happens like the chain breaks, it would not be under warranty. Only chains with both the master link and chain that have the same part number can be warrantied against. The series is 520VM. The D.I.D clip type master link part number is FJ520VM. If you have any further questions or concerns, please let me know.

Thank You.

Have a Great Day!


So I went ahead and ordered this and it worked just fine.


Yea thank you. I just ran a different chain and will have to order a special chain tool to get the new one on.

Yea thank you. I just ran a different chain and will have to order a special chain tool to get the new one on.

I'd just order the clip style link I listed above and use it. Goes right on no problem!! No special tools required. Easier to "break" the chain if you need to get it off for some reason. And cheaper than a rivet tool.

I'm not crazy about the rivit type master links either. How do you know "where" it is when you want to break the chain?

I'll use the clip style when I install a new chain.

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