YZ450 Hot cams in a 426

I building a 2000 YZ 426 I installing a 450.5 big bore kit on the bike can I install Hot Cams from a 2003 YZ450 stage 2 I need more topend type cam due to the bigger CC motor.

The Bigger motor need s to be able to breath And I having the head ported also.

I have Stage 1 Hot cams for the 426 now I dont think it be enough cam for the bigger motor.

Hot Cams dont make stage 2 cams for the 426 anymore I looked.

I sure If I called them they could grind me a set ut it wont be cheep.

I looked at Web Cams I dont like the Idea of adding Hard weld to a cam core then grinding on it.

I had a buddy that did that years ago and the weld came off and trashed his engine.

I did some spec macthing forget it the stage yz450 2 hot cams have just about the same specs as the YZ 426 stage 1 cams

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