jumpy clutch

Everytime I start up my 2001 426 and try to move it the clutch is really grabby,I use the lever while warming it up trying to get oil around the plates but still it happens.Once I ride for a min the clutch works fine and really smooth.When I got the bike the basket was grooved but I filed it down smooth unless the grooves are back.Its more annoyng than a problem just would like to know why.

It sounds like a classic worn clutch basket to me.

It sounds like a classic worn clutch basket to me.

it was worn definately but I fixed that by filing it down,maybe its worn again.The clutch will work excellent once you start riding its just that first startoff.

Filing the grooves down didn't help anything besides prolonging the inevitable. Once you file them, they'll just wear even quicker. Time for a new clutch basket perhaps.

The 426 had an obnoxiously grabby clutch when it came out in 2000, and a Belleville spring and thrust plate were added in 2001. If these parts were omitted at some point, it's at least part of your problem. Review the post below, and look for items number 13 and 14, along with one friction plate that has a larger inner diameter than the rest (item #12):


Other things that can cause or contribute are excessive rotational play in the torsional cushioning assembly (broken or collapsed springs), notched basket and/or boss (hub), and even the extra clearance you created by filing the basket fingers. The plates themselves may be at fault as well. They don't have to look bad, but they can harden and their friction characteristics can change over time to make them act goofy.

all those parts are in there as I noticed them when I took the clutch apart and found it different than my kx250.Its more of an annoyance than anything as once you get going everything works great untill the next cold start.If I keep the bike I will be replacing the basket and plates next summer.

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