Quick question on jetting..

Hey guys,

Tried searching, couldn't find anything, so...

After a trouble free season with my new WR (2011 leftover), I found it needs a little more power for next season. I am thinking about adding the Fmf Power/Mega bomb header, Powercore Ti Slipon, High flow filter, and drop a tooth on the front sproket. Anyway, with the Exhaust, and filter, what should I change my jetting to? I currently have stock jetting and all the free mods done. I live at Sea level, at around 20-30 degrees celsius.


Krannie told me:

More restricted = less fuel.


Less restricted means more fuel required.

So you may be a little lean. Assuming you are already correctly jetted.

Only tinkering will really tell ;)

Buy some jets and get into it.

The easiest way would be to purchase the JD jet kit, and follow his directions to achieve a very well running machine with lots of power. Others will tell you to purchase a selection of jets from Yamaha, Carb warehouse, etc.. and through trial & error achieve the same thing. The choice is yours.

Thanks for the info guys, I'll be buying the JD jet kit soon. I got all winter before i'll really be able to see a power difference, but i'll at least know what to change it to.

Thanks again.

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