Throttle Stop Question

My '04 wr450 is due today (well, actually it was due yesterday) does anyone know how much to cut off the stock throttle stop or how long to leave it?

Why take the chance of having it too short or particles left over getting into the carb? You can buy a YZF throttle stop screw from the dealer for around $10. Cheap insurance that it is right and all you have to worry about is hanging on!


Just pull the plastic cover, back the screw out until it just prevents the throttle from opening 100%, measure it, take it out, and cut if off. If you can't do this, you probably shouldn't even try to change the oil. :)

If you get your bike from BobbyJ's, it'll be cut off already.

If you want to ride some time, send me a PM.

Note: Turn the gas off and run the bike until it dies first... Then go play with throttle all you want. Only time I ever had a really hard time starting my bike (had to change plug) was from putting on new grips, twisting the throttle too many times and soaking the cylinder.

I went to the dealer yesterday and they couldnt find a part # for the yz426 thorottle stop. what should they be looking for? my bike has the stop removed. they said that they removed them from all the bikes the have had.

Just removing the WR stop is only half the job. If you don't replace it with the proper length stop, apparentely the slide can come up too far, and can be damaged or stick. I have also heard it can cause problems with the Throttle Position Sensor. If your shop can't find the throttle stop on the drawings, they should be really embarassed!

dont quote me but I heard the length needed is 23mm but you may want to do some searching on this, plenty of dicussion on this topic.

There is a service bulletin that gives the proper length. A GOOD dealer should be able to show it to you, a GREAT dealer will burn you a copy.... :)

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