Xr600 new springs and carb, first impressions!

Hi All

Well I actually rode the bike today with its new springs and carb! The Eibach springs were definitely money well spent. The bike is so much better for having the correct springs for my weight! Before it was just wallowing over every bump. It now actually absorbs them, without getting all out of shape. I think I need to dial the suspension in a bit better, but that aside the springs made a considerable difference. Money very well spent.

The Mikuni TM40 pumper carb. Well I took a guess at a 135mj, which seems to have been about bang on! I need to have a look at the plug, but riding it, it feels good. The carb is again, money well spent. It now starts first kick. The next noticeable difference is the throttle action itself. With the stock Keihin, it seemed to be an on/off affair. Mine seemed to suffer terribly form the sticky throttle coming off idle or roll off/on throttle actions at low revs. It made riding the bike a real pain in the butt! The Mikuni still has a quite strong spring on the throttle, so it hasn't made it a feather light operation or anything, but it does open a lot easier. The action is smooth and progressive; as is the power delivery! The bike seems a lot stronger throughout the range. Made riding the bike a lot more enjoyable.

I headed out to the coast for my test ride. It was really windy, and I mean really windy! It was also gusting winds, so I couldn't work out if I had some surging at part throttle or if it was just the wind! I think there may be some "fluffiness" at small throttle openings, but I couldn’t really tell. The carb is soooo much better than the old one, that it was difficult to be critical, if you see what I mean!

Some of the roads I went on were single track. It was still wet under the trees and there was freshly blown off the trees leaves everywhere. I really had some moments out there! Having the new carb on made it much easier to feed the power in with out the "snatchiness" of the keihin launching me sideways!

All in all, I'm very pleased with what I've done to the bike. I'll get a dyno run done at some point and maybe it needs some fine tuning, but its a hell of a lot better then the old carb, plus I'm sure I've picked up a few ponies as well!!

So, for you XR600 owners, I'd recommend Eibach springs and the Mikuni TM40 pumper carb without hesitation!



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