I have antifreeze coming out the water pump weep hole when I first start my WR450, but it will stop after a few minutes running? Is that the water pump or something else?

Yup, it's the water pump. Either the seal is starting to develop a leak, or the shaft has started to develop a groove it, which is allowing fluid to leak past the seal.

Thanks Maniac, next question: I am a construction contractor and pretty mechanically inclined, but by no means a fixing this something I can tackle myself or to I need to take this to a pro?

It's not that difficult, but it is easy to install them backwards! So make sure you follow the manual correctly, and check on here for advice. One member on TT just re-installed in the reverse order of removal, but still had a leak, because the previous owner had put them in backwards!! So if your not the original owner, beware of this possible scenario.

Agree with the post above. Its not too hard to do. Change the shaft and both seals. You need a manual and the proper tools. . Got one?

I would not pay anyone to do this particular thing.

Thanks guys, I'm going to give it a shot this Sunday. I'll send out a mayday if things get nasty.

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