How to flip the fuel petcock?

I put a Clarke 3.6 gal tank on my 2009 WR450 and now my petcock needs flipped from left to right. Right now I have a 12 inch fuel hose, which works but not the final solution.

It looks like I could possibly drill out the stock petcock and try to use it. But I would need to plug the hole on the wrong side.

I have searched everywhere but can't find anything with specific info on this. Anybody done this before and have advice?

I would also appreciate any recommended stock replacement petcocks... Thanks.

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Acerbic makes left and right petcocks, just buy one rather than risk modding yours

I just put mine in backwards. I can reach the handle with my finger. No big deal.

Or just get an 06 WR petcock for $25-$30.

Thank you very much Bandit for the suggestion to use a 2006 Fuel Petcock. Ordered one for $20 bucks.

I really appreciate the help.


Your welcome.

I put my Clarke 3.6 back on yesterday for some Dual Sport riding On Thanksgiving. Thought I would take a few pics for you. This is what it looks like. Pic isn't that great of quality, but you get the picture. Pun intended...



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If you didn't, I highly suggest you wash out that take with gas. I had to flush and empty 1/4 gal in it 6 times before I stopped seeing little plastic bits come out caught in the screen of my funnel. In line filter is a must or you will be cleaning jets.

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