yz426 oil leaking everywhere

i recently got a 2000 yz426 and am stoked with it i took it out on a first ride and the next day i found i little oil dripping no biggie so i went to inspect and found its dripping off the frame its driping off some wiring i have no idea on where to start i washed the bike off and en again its dripping of the frame but just little droplets any help is appreciated

Do you know that part of the frame is used to store the engine oil?

Where on the frame are you seeing the oil?

there is a hose from the top of the engine that leads down the shifter side of the bike and it will drip some oil,its a breather hose for the engne but oil also manages to be blown out there.If your rings are worn and getting excess blowby then it will be worse than normal,mine just had a new piston and rings and I still get some oil from the hose.

ive found it on both sides motor was just rebuilt

check the oil line from the bottom of the tank,make sure its not leaking.

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