Heated Grip install & electrical question

I'm installing some Moose grip warmers tomorrow.

Here's what my research has turned up, please offer comments or help if possible.

1. insulate the clutch side before installing the grip warmer.

a. heat shrink tubing with adhesive would be best but electrical tape will work in a pinch

2. directions suggest using a JB weld adhesive for the grip to heating element, anything else I can use other than that? Silicone? Hairspray? Anything?

3. I've read that it's best to have a very good ground and using the main engine ground would be best, where is that located?

4. Also read it's a good idea to conect the switch to the headlight feed so it only runs when the bike is running. Which wire do I use?

Consider me a newbie on this electrical stuff...well...because I am...haha

Please any hints or things to watch out for would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks fellas!

Electrical tape won't really work in a pinch. When it gets warm the adhesive gets slippery. Get some heat shrink, works much better than tape and is cheap.

I don't use an adhesive on my grips, just safety wire in three locations. Never slips.

I have mine grounded to the frame and seems to work fine.

If you want to have it so they can only be on when the bike is running then you will need some sort of relay with the headlight wire as the switch signal. Trying to draw power for light and grips from the headlight wire is not a good idea IMO.

I converted my bike to DC and ran a fused power wire from the battery direct to a toggle switch then to the grips. I might add a relay to the ignition switch so I don't forget them on.

my grips came with some heat shrink, just used it on the left side. I don't use safety wire, just lots of grip glue.

I just grounded it to a main bolt on the frame, works fine. Take your voltmeter and check which wire comes on with the ignition. not sure off top of my head sorry

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