XR650L - Lowering Link


I have a new XR650L in a full motard setup. I'm now messing with the suspension.

What do you think about a lowering link? What does it do to the bike other than lower the height? Does it change the suspension feel? Easy to install? BTW, how much does it actually lower the bike? Which one to buy?

What are your thoughts and experience?

Thanks in advance for the feedback!




Look up Kouba. They offer one with 1.75 drop, I have one on my Christmas list.

You better wish hard if you're wanting one for an L model. Not listed :)

Ooops, sorry I missed the L part.

I got a White Bros unit. 20k+ miles in South America and no complaints yet.

Anyone have a picture of an actual lower link installed. I am curious to see where it goes. Also- any feedback on how it affects handling and clearance?


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