gray wire mod?

what is it? how do I do it? what will I gain? :)

I just did it, and I can tell you with some certainty... It didn't hurt. If anything, throttle response seems slightly improved, actually think it might have helped with off idle bog and low rpm pull. Top end has always been so strong, I can't really tell any difference up there.

Takes 10 minutes. Pull the tank, look for two wire looms coming out of CDI box. (Two wires each) Only one of the four wires will be solid gray. Pull that connector apart, and push the grey wire and it's connector out of the housing, then put the main connector back together, and tape the gray wire up so it can't ground to anything. I taped mine to the outside of the connector I pulled it out of.

Go ride, and tell us if you feel a diff.

I wish I had ridden mine immediately before and after, so I could really tell what it did. Maybe you should do it halfway through the day on your next all day ride?

go to thumperfaq to see pictures.


did it on my wr250f and couldn't tell the difference, but I di it the wrong way, I added a power now, FMF powerbomb and Q all at the same time. I can tell you the power now rocks, and I definitly didn't loose anything! Twist it ! :)

On my bike , I think that one side of the wire was solid gray and on the other side of the connector the wire had red stripes. Does this make any sense or did I do the wrong wire?? :)

I put a switch on mine so if i want to use i can if i dont i leave stock thats a good way to tell how well it works. it works very well on my 02 426. ---------------------------- 02 wr426 switch on gry wire w/b e-series main jet175 long air fuel screw be sides that its stock.

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