riding up steps


i've just ridden up a flight of stairs , i was worried about doing this, but just to let you know -it was very easy, the trick is not to go to fast ,else you lose your line, and the front comes up to much.

but dont go to slow either.

its pretty handy to learn - if you ever been chased by the cops :)


uhh, yeah just like everything else- not too slow, not to fast. What's the point? You're proud of yourself for running from the cops?

yes i'm very proud - thanks for asking,

if you need some tips on riding up stairs

i will do my best to describe it, by drawing pictures for you.

have a lovely day

Running from the cops.....yes....it's all coming back to me now....yeah, about 27 yrs ago! Now days I don't need to run from the cops...much.


How many BRPs are there in your area? I bet you that those nice policemen :D will be keeping an eye out for big red dirt bikes. :)

not many cops here at all in new zealand ,they are seriously

under staffed and have now just brought a 100 cops from the UK. They have a serious problem with "boy racers" here

(youngsters in race cars )so the focus more on this problem.

i,ve just arrived in new zealand, been here 4 months

came from south africa, where the cops are more crooked than the crooks themselves. thats why i still got the mindset - if you see a cop , make like donald.. and duck :)

How do you like New Zealand? Are you staying there for a while or just visiting? Have you found any riding partners yet? Will you be coming to the States some day?

new zealand is a bikers dream,especially the south island

where "lord of the rings"was filmed.

90% of new zealand's 4 million population live on the north island -so riding in the south island you can go riding for days and days and not see a soul.

i will be working here for about 3 years, just saving every penny - get a fat bank balance and then move onto

australia ,in that time i would like to explore japan

and some of the east on BRP,wich i will do.

just to let you know there is a beach here about 5 hrs away from where i stay, that is 90 miles long and half a mile wide, the beach sand is as hard as rock, can you just imagine flying along that beach at 100mph,the sun setting

and the sea breeze blowing through your hair

(riding on beaches is legal here) .



And no cops!!! :)

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