wr400f lighting issues

got a 98 (five years ago)

when its idling headlight flickers..

when i throttle her a little, headlight glows brighter

idling doesn't do a thing to the signal lights unless i do 1/2 throttle

is it a wiring problem, rectifier or stator problem??

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Bad capacitor


forgive me but i'm an electrical retard, didn't even go through the electricals when i got her ages ago..

i know xr's have a capacitor attached to the rectifier

but on the yama, i can only see the rectifier / regulator attached to the left side of the steering frame, no capacitor is attached

do i have to lift the fuel tank? am looking through the parts catalog but can't seem to find one

can someone spoon feed me pls... :p

also, iopened up the headlight mask, headlamp bulb (3 prong type) top runs power, both sides grounded to the frame..

i also thought a single ground would do the trick.. is the dual ground right or should i also pull one off??

thanks a tonne! :thumbsup:

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