It's here!! just went & picked it up

My BRP shipped from CA showed up at the dock! I hauled butt home, stopped & picked up fresh license, tags & checked it over, I kicked on it until I had to lay down in the driveway with my dog looking at me like I'm nuts:excuseme:. I kept looking for a hidden kill switch, I finally called the previous owner & he tells me you have to turn the headlight switch to the 1st position :D Note to self: ASK first :D

Anyway, there is no comparison to the 2002 XRL I rode, this thing is a blast! Thanks for answering my questions, you guys helped me make the right choice! :)

BuddyK: "I kicked on it until I had to lay down in the driveway with my dog looking at me like I'm nuts. "

Glad it was such a simple thing. I am surprised that the previous owner hadn't passed that little bit of info along.

When I first got my BRP I learned the hard way to always wear boots when starting the beast. The kickstarter kicked back twice on me, hitting my calf and let me tell you, that hurts. :)

Now treated her like a lady and she will be good to you. :D


nothing is better than a new bike, or at least new to you.

enjoy it.

I was kicking mine over in Flops and it nailed me in the back of the calve and cut me open! fired up though!

i was kicking mine in my runners the day after i got it, slipped off the kicker and caught the peg in the shins, not pretty, wore boots ever since when starting it. BTW, dont try to ride it up your lawn into the garage, especially if you havent ridden BRP's alot. It will tear the living crap outta the grass even if you arent trying. I only did it once before i remembered how much sod sucks. Been out for a good bag ride yet?

I told my wife the damn dogs must've been digging after a gopher :)

I live on a few acres, at the back of somebody else's 20 acre horse pasture, so my drive way is shell & about .2 of a mile long. It's good for wheelie practice. I went out & buzzed the back roads & pushed a few asphalt corners & cruised 65mph just to see how it felt (stock gearing). It's a better road bike than my XS650. I made a creek crossing next to a bridge, buzzed up the bank & got more air than I planned (I'm 44, 3' seems higher than it used to)but it landed very well.

What's a bag ride?

bagging: general abuse, ride the living crap out of it to see it anything is going to break, etc. lets see what this pig can do........ sounds like you had a good start, hope you like the bike so far. i got mine from a guy that was scared of it so i dont think it got ridden like it should have, had to make sure i broke it in right after i got it :), JR

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