YZ 450 head pipe question

What is the advantage of having a short straight part in the head pipe as it comes out of the motor vs one that just curves? Here is an example.

The first picture is a PC head pipe for a 03-05 yz 450. The head pipe curves the whole way around and then goes back.


The second pictures is another PC head pipe that is also for the 03-05 yz 450. Here you can see the bend is different my Dr,D pipe off my old 450 looked like this. My DRD pipe made great power over the stock yz one.


Anyways I just wondered as I'm pipe shopping for my new 06 wr450. Thanks.

The bend's different, but is the length of the pipe that much different?

Very generally speaking, with pipes of a given diameter, longer pipes will work best at a lower RPM range than a shorter one.

Thanks for the help. Thinking about getting the first one above used. I REALLLYY liked the DR.D with the long header on my 05 wr 450 but this seems like a good deal to put on my 06.

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