Throttle Pull

does anyone know if there where any changes in either the carb or throttle assembly in an 00 426 vs. 01 426? The reason that I ask is, I rode my freinds 01 and the throttle pull is super light compared to my 00. I went home and completely cleaned the carb, new throttle tube, lubed and cleaned the cables and it is still twice as heavy! Anyone have any ideas? I never noticed it before I rode his bike.

Come on guy's! I know most of you are smarter than me!

Did he have motion pro terminator T2 throttle cables? I have the terminator cables and it really reduces throttle pull (they are gray in color and look very cool)! Or maybe he had a aluminum throttle tube (with bearings)? I know my old XR's that I used to have the spring that brings the slide back down was adjustable, I always would make it easy to pull by adjusting tension via a spring. I am not sure if the 426 is like this or not...but I am sure you can "jimmy rig" it! Later,



I get my kicks on a 426!

Motoman393's MX Site

Try getting a 01 return spring part # and see if it is same.

Thanks for the info guys. Both bikes are totally stock. I want to figure this out because the difference is HUGE!

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