Impeller Removal (how to?)

I'm replacing waterpump seals, gaskets, and so on. Thought this would be an easy job. Pulled the water pump cover and couldn't get the impeller out (just spins). Checked out at few forums on this and got two different answers. 1) have to drain oil and pull the whole engine cover in order to be able to hold wrench on backside of impeller shaft. 2) just apply back pressure on kick start and turn impeller.

Obviously, would like the easiest route, but don't want to break anything. Any other opions on which way to go. Can I just use the kickstart to hold back pressure while I turn the impeller off or do I have to remove the engine cover?

I've never used the kickstart trick, so I can't help you with that. Pulling the cover off isn't hard to do at all, so that's how I do it.

If you don't want to drain the oil, and with it holding a whole quart I can't see why you wouldn't just dump it, you can lay the bike on its side and remove the cover then.

Shouldn't loose any oil (or much) that way.

As far as the impeller goes a 1/2" impact did the trick for me.

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I've used two techniques (successfully) to remove the impellor:

1) Back pressure on the kick start

2) Put the trans into 3rd or 4th gear

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