YZ426... '01 or '02

Anyone knows the difference between the '01 and '02 yz426 ? The dealer has both the '01 and '02 in stock, the '01 model is about $ 2000 cheaper though..... In other words, should I go for the '02 bike or save the extra money ?


save the coin!

(then drop it inyo the bike or take a trip to moab)

I would take a '01 and $2000 over a '02 any day. With that said I would still shop price. With the CRF out I would think you could get some better deals on the blue ones.



01 YZ426F #85 Vet C

I currently own the '02 and traded in the '01. They are very close in performance and behavior. I think the '02 runs a bit cleaner but back to back it would be hard to tell any difference. For $2k take the '01.

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