Dr D Radiator Lowering Kit and Stock Hoses

Installing Dr D Radiator lowering kit on my 2011 YZ450. The instructions with the kit saysspecifically to not cut or change the hoses. The pipe side doesn't seem correct if have to force the radiator down to get to to line up with the holes and the hose seems to be getting kinked. What has everyone else's experience been? Gotta say I am not exactly happy with the design of the kit already. Any input, I will be calling Dr D tomorrow.

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Just in case anyone is doing this spoke to a guy at Dubach racing and he said the pipe side bottom hose will definitely have to be cut and doesn't know why the instructions say not to.

I had to cut mine, the hose coming out the right radiator going to the pump needs to be trimmed a little bit. Take the hose off the bike to cut it, use a SHARP knife and trim a little at a time and test it untill it fits.

All the other hoses should not be cut though....

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