Longer swingarm for YZ450F 2010-2013

Motocross Action states that one of the fixes for the weight on the front wheel option would be a longer swingarm. So the question is, does a YZ/YZF/WR have a longer swing arm that could fit the current YZ450F 10-13? Just wondering.

Not sure on that, but they recommended that you run the wheel as far back as possible to get the same effect.

For 99% of the world out there the bike is going to be just fine. Adding any sort of length to the swingarm is going to have other effects on the handling.

IMO, running a longer chain with the gearing you want would be better than trying to change other handling characteristics. Cheaper too ;)

Well I was just wondering, I would think that if it helped, somebody like Dubach would have done it since he has access to stuff and info like that.

When you tune the suspension the bike handles perfect the most needed change is stiffer front fork springs from standard 0.46 to 0.48 kg/mm with one shim extra high speed rebound dampening. Mid speed compression same as 2012 model. Rear spring standard and free sag 42 mm and the bike is almost fine. Also I think the frame will not break anymore.

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