Question about the "Woods Map"

I just picked up an '11 yz 450 and bought the tuner. I've loaded a bunch of maps from TT into the power tuner so I can switch around and see what I like in different conditions.

I'm interested in making it easy to start and getting it set up so it is good for A level trail hammering. Better fuel economy would be a bonus as this thing seems to suck gas with stock mapping. Basically I need it tractable with good meat down low, but not hard hitting. I was looking at the woods setting that is posted here and I went to the Canadian article it was pulled from and in the article they have their throttle positions upside down- meaning full throttle is at the bottom and 1/4 throttle is at the top.. Is this a typo on the article or do I need to reverse how I enter it from what is posted here and in the article?

Hopefully I havent confused anyone.

If anyone has a different recommendation based on what I am looking for, I am open to suggestions.


That's been mentioned. If you read the article that's linked, it's obvious enough, but I supposed I should add a note to that post to clarify the point.


When you say clarify the point, do you mean that the article has their throttle settings wrong or that the post in TT should clarify that the "woods" setting shown is upside down and to reverse it when you enter it in your controller? I'm willing to bet most people just enter it as they see it as that is what many of the posts in that thread say to do..

That the map as presented in the article is inverted. The fields are inverted, too, but I have no idea whether the map is right and the fields are inverted, or the other way round, or it's right as written, or anything else.

In other words, totally worthless?

A lot of people have used it as posted in the article, paying attention to what the chart actually says, and been happy with it, so I doubt that's a good charge.

I'm heading out tomorrow for a nice taste of some moist nor cal trails for the Thanksgiving week. This is my real 1st ride ( had 1 track day and a couple hours on dry trails) since getting the new to me 11yz 450. I've got my tuner loaded up with 7 maps I pulled from this site (including both versions of the woods :)). I'll probably try most of the woods-slick-no hit-etc maps and I'll report back. I'm pretty sensitive to set up, so I hope to be able to give some decent feedback.... Braaap

For the woods buy a G2 throttle with three cams, advance the ignition 2 degrees and increase fuel 2 percent only the lowest point of throttle and rpm 1 percent it will be strong and good reacting at the throttle and the slowest cam off the G2 throttle gives you very much control tp traction.

I've got the motion pro revolver with the smaller cam.... Think I found what I was looking for with the mapping but I didn't find it in the mapping. I found it by switching to a 48 rear from the 50 that was on it. Now I am back to the stock map and stock gearing. I think this is way better than the 50t with the woods map, although I am using first gear more than ever.

The aggressive maps with the 50t were way too much for off road so now that I have the 48, I'm willing to bet the aggressive maps will work much better.... For me at least. I'm finding that everyone's preferences are very different on this bike.

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