Magura magoo in WR450 problems....

Installed a Magura clutch in an 03 WR450 for a friend. Purchased from Magura USA and was sold SPECIFICALLY for the WR450. The slave cylinder is hitting the mounting bracket for the starter motor. Anybody ever install one in a WR450? The instructions really suck, badly. If they were more clear, I think hours could be shaved from installation. In fact, it's a real easy job, but no where is it clear where the clutch arm is supposed to be cut, which dirrection the new cylinder bracket goes etc. I've tried every possible mounting position using the included slave cylinder mounting bracket, but it just won't fit. Dissapointed for sure. How about some better documentation and correct sales knowledge Magura?


Yeah I have The Magura Jack installed and have been waiting for somone to ask. Basically I made a machined 1" high aluminum spacer to mount the slave cylinder body to the standard cable clip support bracket. I then took a 6mm x 1mm thread x 25mm long bolt through the push rod from the bottom up through the hole for the end of the cable. I then put a 6mm jam nut to make it solid. This leaves a 1/2" of thread from the bolt sticking up from the push rod lever. I then took the supplied eye let mount and machined a duplicate with a 1/2 " extension that is tapped with a female 6mm thread. The slot for installing the slave cylinder is on the opposite end. Now you thread this down so it is almost tight ( allows nut to rotate with clutch action ) The slave cylinder ends up exactly 1" higher in mounting then on a YZ450 but in the same actuation plane. The carb just clears the top of the slave cylinder when you are done. This is the only way around the e-start motor. I do not think magura will mess with such a kit just for the WR450 so I took the liberty to design the 2 parts myself. PM me with an email address if anyone wants Cad prints in pdf format or pics. :)

I have a magura on my wr450. You need to rotate the ground on the back of the starter 90' or 180'(sorry can't remember which). The bracket should have the L facing the acuator arm and mine needed a small spacer about 2mm thick.

It is a tight fit but it went in without any major problems.

Good Luck :)


Magura did make an adaptor mount for the slave.It replaces the stock piece and raises the slave.I can take a pic if your interested.

Yeah I ended up making my own to just clear the ground cable but the biggest issue is the stroke of 1/2" on the unit requires buying the shorter YZ450 clutch post. The WR450 has longer clutch activation stroke and more leverage.

Does your magura have a 1" stroke? That is what is needed for a stock lever set up. :)

I don't know what the stroke is. The ground screw is not the issue. If I use the included mounting bracket for the slave cylinder, it does not clear the mounting bracket for hte starter period. It's below the ground bolt, closer to the case. I guess if it were at an angle it might go, but the shaft would be bent. I had it installed with the thingy that holds the cable on the clutch arm upside down, wiht the shaft above the clutch arm. This moved everything up about a half an inch and the cylinder just fit, but it did not disengage the clutch. I studied the manual and read peoples posts and I think I figured out how it's really supposed to go. Everything lines up better the correct way, but there is just not enough room. I don't have the box here with me, but it listed just about every YZ going back to '88. Also listed is the WR250, but no WR450. My bud deleted all emails reguarding this purchase and my emails back and forth to Magura USA. DUH! Also, Magura didn't even send us an invoice. Hopefully they will return it for him if he wants to. Like I already said, this started as a favor and I have spent way too much time with it already.



Sounds to me that they sent you the wrong one.The wr250 is probaly the older 2 stroke model. I'll take a picture of the bracket you'll need to compare to yours.

Thanks Blue One. :D That might be why I had to customize my mount. I had the same issue as Luke with the starter motor in the way. The instructions are the worst I have ever seen for a company with such a good quality product. :)

I just got the Magura clutch for my crf 450 but has instructions for a bunch of bikes for slave cylinder mounting, this is what it says for the WR-450:

1. It is best to first remove the chain gaurd to gain working room.

2. The grounding wire mounted to starter base needs to be rotated toward the outside of the bike to make room for the slave cylinder.

3. Unhook or remove the external clutch spring on clutch arm. (See picture 1) DO NOT RE-HOOK CLUTCH ARM RETURN SPRING. This will cause clutch to not function properly.

4. Replace original cable stop bracket with bracket provided. (It may be easier to slip slave cylinder piston rod through mounting bracket and hook it to clutch arm before bolting new bracket on.)

5. Hook slave cylinder rod nipple onto top of clutch arm with the longer nipple which is provided. (see picture 2)

CAUTION: Do not bend slave cylinder piston rod. This will cause slave cylinder to leak.

6. Go to step 4. Check the freeplay.

It looks to me in the picture that the nipple which is supposed to be included in your kit would compensate for that 1 inch height difference. Maybe they sent you the kit for the yzf 450 instead of the WR.

I dont understand how you can get a kit to work without having a special high connection at the clutch post as well. Maybe the WR450 kit has this but mine did not have anything but the cylinder , hose and master. The starter motor is in the way and you need to raise the slave cylinder and the connection to the clutch arm about 1". This keeps the cylinder working in a level plane! I will send pics to those who can post it on this forum or to your email address if you wish. :)

Here is the pic i promised.It should of came with the wr kit and i'd contact magura and have it sent out. Sorry for the poor quality my camera is acting up :) I can take a better one at work if needed. :D


That looks right! I had to make my own parts. But the result is the same. My kit was pre-opended when I got it and was obviously missing some parts. I made them myself with the same results. Thanks for the pics that answers my questions. :)

Problem resolved...finally. Turns out I had the thing installed correctly the first time. We put the old clutch back on today, and it didn't work either. Problem was just that the clutch plates were frozen. Got the clutch unstuck and re-installed the Magura. Back in business. Anyway, thanks for all those who helped.


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