Ice Racing

Wondering if anyone out there is running ice. Not sure what to do about fuel maps and ign. curve or if i should start with stock settings.If i cant find any insight, I'll probably start with all 0's for ign and richin up fuel mixture. I can tune a 2 stroke drag sled on a knife edge but they only run 660' or 1000'. Not sure how to tell on my 450 if its safe or not.

One thing you'll want to do is restrict the air over the radiators. If you don't, the temp sensor will keep things so rich at part throttle that your crankcase will become loaded with fuel. Start with about half the frontal area masked off.

half as in one whole radiator? or half of each?

Either way.

Run my 03 so thats not gonna help with the fi. I dont cover anything and check the anti freeze offten,mine will weep if cold.

Gonna do your suspension ? We have ice races out this way,sometimes. Getting screwed the last few years so we go to N.Y.

http://i869.photobuc...121626_0001.jpg dirt trim

http://i869.photobuc...0211121108a.jpg ice trim

next will be a set of slide fenders,these ae the best i have seen.

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