426 Clutch mounted Hot Start Lever

Can someone post a picture or explain how a clutch mounted host start lever/cable is attached at the carb to replace the red "pull" shaft? I have an opportunity to purchase a clutch lever with a hot start lever (incl cable(s)) but I'm not understanding how it activates the hot start shaft at the carb.

You need a conversion kit like the one pictured here from Dubach Racing. They don't list it for the 426 anymore, but I would bet one of the KXF kits will fit. Ask them.


The parts at the end of the cable, and the cable itself are custom made. Parts for an '03 CRF450R may also work. You'd need the "hot start set" (16019-MEB-671) and cable (17950-MEB-670)

Thanks much for that information.

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