Should I buy a 99 or 00 ?

Hello all,

I am looking to buy a used 400-426. There are 2 bikes im looking at the first is a 2000 426 which i know the owner and has sat out one season. only upgrades are hinson clutch basket and heavyer springs.Buy the way im a big dude 6,2" 270lbs this bike is $3600. The second is a 99 400 which was bought late in the year and hardly ridin this season. It has a aftermarket triple clamp protaper bars works connect radiator guards priced at $2600. Which one should i buy? Which bike is the most reliable? Pros-cons? Help in making up my mind would be greatly appreciated.



The 426 hits harder, but from what I've seen, the 400 seems a bit more reliable than the 00/426. Either bike would be a decent choice if they are clean and well maintained.

My .02


I think you'll be happy with either one. Make sure you check the 99 over well and keep the extra $$ .I own a 01 so I cant coment on performance, but i think both bikes had thier problems if you werent one of the lucky ones. Clutches and keyway for the 00. And im not sure but didnt the 99 have a problem with a notch shering of a shifter part???and rods??

Anyway pick one soon. Byron sunday...(:

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