08 WR450 starter swap?

Hi ya group,

Can I buy a 2003-2006 starter (cheep and available.) and put the armature in my 2008 WR450 starter?

- OR-

What keeps the 2003-2006 starters from working on the 2008?

Has anyone ever tried this?

Yamaha wants $255.00 for a new starter.

I've found aftermarket starters for $109.00 -$175.00


Richard A Butler

1) Yes

2) It's the rear housing with the mounting locations, and the center magnetic drum (the new one is ever so slightly different. And oriented backwards).

I spent most of the day today doing this exact thing. Tore down and rebuilt the starter a couple dozen times trying to frankenstein pieces together from different years to make one work. Just make sure the housing assembly (drum and end caps) all stays as a set but you can swap the armatures between them. Mark the center drum in relation to the end caps before you take it all apart because if you install it back wrong your starter will spin backwards. Staring at the end with the shaft sticking out, it should spin clockwise.

Check your brushes while you're in there too. There should be a little indentation dot on them that you can use as a guide for how worn they are. If they're worn past the dot then a philips screwdriver, a soldering iron, and needle nose pliers will allow you to swap the brushes from your new motor into your old one. Be careful about the tiny little springs behind them, they're almost impossible to find if you drop them.

Good luck!

Also, where did you find a WR450 starter for $109??

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