Died after too much oil..!

Hi everybody, My name is Mauro and I just found you guy searching on google, well I have a huge problem with my bike that I would like to find out and fix it, first of all it's a 2009 wr450f, a bought it a couple of month ago and the last monday I did the oil change, BUT I fill it up way to much than it should be, rode it for about 10 min, turned it off and then like 2-3 hours later tried to turn it on but it didn't, it turn on for like 2 seconds and then shut down, then like 2 min later it did the same went on for about 2-3 seconds and then shut down again, I was like 20 min kicking it and nothing would happen, after got tired and checked it around I found out that it was leaking oil from the hose that runs from the cover cam to the air filter, I drained and put in the exactly amount of oil that it should has, cleaned all the messy on the air box filter, put a new spark plug on, checked for a spark on the spark plug and it still completely died my big question is... what kinda damage could be caused that extra oil on the rings-valves- piston or cam that it won't turn on now?? I still feeling compression on the kickstar, any suggestion, help. question even an insult would be very welcome!!


Mauro Gonzalez

PD: Sorry for my English I'm a foreign guy that have been living her just a couple of years ahahaaha

Have ya tried bump starting it? How much extra oil did you put in?

Doubt you broke anything. You may just of really 'soaked' everything inside the engine.

Take the exhaust off, look for oil in it, clean it out if you find any

Air filter and carb off the bike, spark plug out, exhaust still removed, push the bike around in gear to get it to 'blow out' and oil it can.

Remove the cap on the bottom of the carb (or even just the float bowl, ensure it is clean. Put in a new (not 'cleaned') pilot jet. Triple check the slow air and main air jets in the carb bell, ensure the passage ways are clean (use compressed air).Put it back together, using yet another new spark plug.

yes start by putting in the correct amount of oil(drain to correct height) toss in a clean plug see if it starts,if not listen to the guy above,

well, she still completely died, I decided to do a new top end on her cuz I already had those parts lying on my garage so I took it a part and made a new top end but she still completely dead so I believe my problems is electrical, can someone help me out what to check and were? I suck as a electrician!!

Get and read the manual, figure out if you have spark or not, compression ir not and fuel or not and go from there.

No spark, figure out why by following the manual.

Spark but no fire, establish if your bike is getting fuel.

Getting spark and fuel make sure you have good compression.

All 3 then triple check timing as your bike should run. Read the manual and ask from there; too many variables at this point to guess.

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