YZ426 Suspension Swap

Hi everyone,

Long time visitor, first time poster. I figured with as much great info I have gotten here, it was time to join the club. Maybe even contribute some here and there. I have a 2001 YZ426F and I am thinking of upgrading to the speed sensitive suspension(SSS) from the newer Yamahas. Is it possible? What will it take? Is it worth it? MXA and all of my buddies seem really impressed with the SSS. Should I believe all the hype or just stick with my stock suspension? Looking forward to your insight. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


I changed the standard forks on my 02 426 to 07 450 forks. Had to use the 450 triple clamps though,as the forks are different diameter.Fork guards are different too.

It make a big improvement i thought,and i had sub tanks on the original forks.

Not sure if it would be cheaper/better for you to get your old forks revalved though.

Am also old and slow,so dont know how useful this info will be.

To make that conversion onto a YZ426 without having to change the front brake hardware, stick to a fork from an '06 or '07.

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