klx 250 wont kick over kickstart stuck? help please!

hi all, today i was riding my klx 250 02, i had been riding for about half of on woodland trails and small straights, i got off the bike after half hour and left it for a while, i went back to it to try n start it up bet the kickstarts jammed? i will not move a inch so put it in gear and pushed it and wheel had locked up? could anyone help?? is it seized? :foul: i put oil in it before i went out?? i really need help on this! i havnt tried to ake out the spark plug or nothing as its in a storage container at the moment. but will be going up tmmorow? anyone help?????? :banghead: i went through a 2 ft deep puddle would that done it?? cheers everyone! :ride:

sounds seized to me. you might want to try posting in the correct section though, your bike is a 4 stroke, this is for 2 strokes.

could be siezed,and if you did get water in the cylinder and hydrolocked the engine then put it away without trying to pull the plug and checking, it is probably rusted by now and siezed up from the rust.good luck let us know more as you go.

You blew the crankshaft. Most likely the connecting rod bearing has failed. Cylinder seizures tend to free up once the engine cools down. Crankshaft seizures stay stuck.

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