06 YZ450 for BITD this year?

Ive been looking for a bike to replace our blown up XR650r that we raced in last years V to R. Whatever bike we get will be sold at end of year. Been looking at CRFx's and KTM's mostly. Looking for a low hour bike we can set up. I found an 06 YZ 450f locally that has 10 hours on it. Bike looks brand new!! I can pick up for $2200-2500. That gives us plenty of cash for suspension work, tank, guards etc... Bike will be raced at the Silver State 300 and V to R. Anyone race these bikes in desert? Everything Ive read, motors are stone reliable. Any other concerns I should be worried about? Is gearing a problem? What about lights in case we don't make daylight finish at V to R? How do the bikes start hot? Am I better off going the WR or CRFx route? Thanks Guys!

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Bike makes a good desert bike IMO. Lights can be a pain and you'll be best off with a battery powered set-up. Motor is the most reliable in the line-up. The only complaint is turning in technical situations but you're building a desert machine so that shouldn't be an issue. Flywheel weight will improve flameout and help with traction. Gearing will come as expected, MX style. You can convert to WR trans or just drop the gearing and forget about slow speed stuff.

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