Excessive play on clutch boss?

Kind of hard to explain, so I shot a quick video...

I have what looks to be way too much play in the clutch boss. I would assume that any play at all would be too much really, but thought I would ask and see if anyone else had seen this before.

Thanks and let me know.

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That is not 'play' in the hub, that is gear lash in the trans. Pertectly normal

That is not 'play' in the hub, that is gear lash in the trans. Pertectly normal

Take another look at the video. If it had anything to do with the tranny, the nut and shaft would me moving as well. I assure you, the shaft is not moving when I am rocking it back and forth.

I pulled it out of the bike and confirmed that the steel insert is loose in there. I could probably pull it completely if I tried.

I have never seen this happen before and I'm curious if Yamaha would warranty the part or not. If that boss let go on the face of a large jump, I am pretty sure it could end pretty bad.

My bad. I have seen a lot of guys be concerned because of trans lash. Once I expanded your video to full screen and looked more carefully, I see that you are saying. Yeah, the hub is bad and no, I have never seen that before.

Yamaha will only warranty it if it happened during the covered new bike period. It is a race bike and any of a multitude of parts failures could result in a bad crash. Part of the assumed liability you agree to when riding a competition bike.

Yeah. Warranty replace was a bit of a stretch. I ended up just getting a new one. They aren't that expensive so no big deal.

That being said, had it let go on me while riding and tore the lower end up (or worse), I would have been pretty pissed. It would appear to me to be a bad design that would even allow such play to happen.

I have never seen one go bad, in fourty years. I have seen yours, no doubt I'll never see it again. In every production of parts, bad parts are made. Unfortunately, yours made it to your bike. Freak accident.

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