Cracked Helmet

I purchased an ONeal SL 809 helmet for 250.00 and the first time I took it out,I biffed and cracked it (inside foam also). Does anyone know if ONeal has some sort of a buy back policy. I've tried to contact them but have not recieved any reply. My dealer said the helmet just did it's job and that there was nothing he could do about it.

Double ought 4-2-6

Good Job on the cracked helmet. What you have now is a trophy worthy of mounting... I to have cracked helmets a bell moto 4, a bell moto 6, and now have 2 arai,s that haven't cracked yet. I think the arai helmet is superior to any that i have owned. Someone told me once if you have a two dollar head then buy a two dollar helmet. Don't buy a helmet because of style or price buy it for fit and function safty first. The helmet you were wearing did its job.

Keep the rubber side down, huge

Helmets are supposed to crack in the event of a serious wreck! I have cracked 2 helmets! I friend of mine bought an AXO $550 helmet on the 2nd ride it cracked after just a tump over in a berm. Carbon fiber is strong but brittle IMO and I wouldnt buy a Carbon fiber helmet. Later,



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