Yz426 no water? Where did it go?

I have 2000 yz426 and I just filled it up with water last weekend befor my ride and I went to go check it tonight it was bone dry I pulled the radiator and its bone dry I started it for 1 min to get the oil into the res, and no water came out with the radiator off and there is no water in the oil, and it runs fine plus there is no puddle in the garage or and hoses that have holes or rips.... Where could all my water have gone?

Plus my temp was fine on the last ride

Thank you in advance

you could have a bad head gasket. the coolant would slowly leak into the combustion chamber and be thrown out the exhaust. fill it up with plain old water and see if it leaks any where. there may not be a puddle under it becuase of the last time you parked it may already have been dry of coolant. dont run it untill you know where its going

So do I fill it up and let it sit or let it idle and check after idling it for a few min?

So do I fill it up and let it sit or let it idle and check after idling it for a few min?

i would start with putting water in the system and letting it sit for a few minuets and go over the whole system and look for a leak. after you have confirmed that you do not have a leak start it up with coolant in it , let it idle for like 5 mins or untill its warm , kill it and see if it has went down at all. dont ride it or leave it running for an extended period of time without keeping an eye on it. you will cook it if you leave it idiling there to long anyways

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