Front Brake line

I ordered a Stainless Steel Braided Front Brake line for my 2011 450F and when it came and i took it out of the box,the package it was in said on the back YZF 250 2007-2010. Will it still fit a 450 2011 model?

I haven't took it out of the package yet to match it up to the stock Line but thought maybe someone might know.

just guessing ....I'm thinking it will because where it is a Line for a 07 to 10 model but the 250F part i'm not so sure.

If it doesn't fit I have one in my garage for you.

I just looked on Yamaha site and the part numbers on the Front Brake Line are the same for a 250F and 450F so they will work.

Guess I will take it out and slap it on......BTW it was an outlaw Racing Steel Braided Line

I got the Stainless Steel Braided Front Brake Line on and seems like the brakes are going to be real touchy. I put an EBC 280mm

Oversized Brake kit on it along with EBC MX-S Pads and the Brake Line so I'm guessing it will be at least 25% better at braking than before.

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