Drd no reply to emails?

I have sent two email to drd in connection with a part I would like to order from them for my drd exhaust ---- no reply !

Any info or ideas or someone who knows Dirk or work there?

Much appreciated.

emails rarely work in this day & age. They probably get so many that they just delete them. Do you have there phone number?

well i have found that most well run companys reply to emails , especially if they have an online email service on the website.

Thus drd not replying is strange.

Poor aftersales service is bad for bussiness

Maybe short staffed on holiday? Maybe it ended up in their spam folder by accident?

I will try again

Maybe their spam controls are blocking your message or the other way around? Have you checked your junk email folder? Email is good, but not perfect.

yes no reply at all anywhere willl try gmail as i have been using yahoo

A phone call almost always works.

bit farr off , my local agent was no help either. will not buy this product in the future as aftersales in my country is bad and seems hq also does not care.

You can't use Yahoo, or AOL if you want to be considered 'real'.

They drag so much crap in with them, that most 'junk' filters are set to re-route them.

That's how I set up my incoming Outlook mail. Yahoo and AOL mail automatically get junked, period.

You need an ISP provider email address.

^is that the same with gmail accounts? I haven't noticed any issues using that instead of my isp account in the past, but then again, how would i know...lol

btw, i lov emy DRD pipe and it needs to be replaced, hoping you get resolution with this so I feel better about getting a new pipe...unless anyone has a better suggestion for a slip on, i need it quiet though (which I know the drd is not)

got a quick reply with info from sales !!

Still would not buy this again.

I will buy a Lexx slipon nextime as there is no hassle with a header covering the oilfilter bolts - stuupid imo and a header is not needed.

You get a quiet core with the pipe included and tunable end tips.

All at a price way cheaper then a DRD.

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Look when you posted this: Posted 23 November 2012 - 09:45 PM. I bet they were closed over the US holiday Thanksgiving and were playing email catch up. I wouldn't be so quick to blacklist them. I don't think that they are a big company with dozens of people waiting to reply to email. At least in my dealings with Doug and Gina over there, good people who built a quality product. Remember, the power sports industry is relatively small with lots of family run businesses. That's a good thing IMHO. There are enough Walmarts in the world.

I am sorry if i was a bit hasty , dont live in the us.

This type of stuff happens every year after the thanksgiving holiday. That's why I brought it up.

well still no reply from from the mails sent to the tech department.....................

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