Costa Mesa Speedway Opening Night!!!

Any thumpertalkers make it to opening night speedway at Costa Mesa Fairgrounds?? I was there and man was it cool. Flying Mike Faria was the man. The sidecar action was intense 1000cc streetbike motors all revved up with no where to go. Those guys give a whole new meaning to the term backing it in :)

If you havn't been you have gotta go Saturday nights gates open at 5:30 best $10 bucks you have ever spent...

JAWA's Rule, Huge

Hey Howie, you're right, Speedway rules.

I went riding this last weekend(Cactus Flats-back side of Big Bear) so I missed opening night. Faria is back? I thought he was going to stay up north. If Faria stays for the season, Oxley's going to be pissed.

razor are you going watch wolf

FMF may have been there just for the opening night but who knows. Boogaloo Schwartz was there along with some of the legends. One rider in particuular comes to mind althogh i dont remember his name his #was 130 and he was taken the long way around the track smokin everybody and throwin plenty of roost into the stand. I went out the other night and caught myself with my hand cupped over my beer(inside joke). I hadn't been to Costa Mesa in probably 20 years back when Bruce Penhall, Mike Bast,Brad Oxley its good to see some of them are still at it. Next time i'm down south hopefully soon we can hook up.


#130 is chris manchester former natl. champ. 1992 i think.

I remember rick wooods and ivan majors racing way back then


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how about the bast brothers,nutter brothers,woods brothers,cody,sims,becker. and don't forget the new old guys like faria,oxley,christan,schwartz,king,lucero,ott,cook.just a couple of names to remember from back then. and the world champs, milne,penhall,ermolenko,hamill,and hancock

I went with a buddy of mine to Lake Havasu Arizona about 10 years ago to meet his friend "Rick" and play at the lake. When we arrived at this house, out walks Rick Woods! He was living there and working at a boat electrical shop. No longer racing but still a bit crazy. He had lots of stories and race goodies including his helmet that was now gold plated. We talked about the Penhall race at the coliseum and plenty of others. It has been a while since that visit but I wont forget it! :)


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