Took the WR426 to the MX track

I just got back from the Bremen MX track here in Ga. My first time to a MX track. I had a blast! It took me several laps to get the hang of it but after that I was fine. There were a few doubles and it took me a while to get up the courage to try and clear them. But once I finally did it was a breeze. The WR was great! I only bottomed out once and that was because I landed in the face of a steep double. Also moved my handlebars out of whack. Loosened them up a got them back where they should be. I am glad I finally went and did it. I know now the WR is fine for the MX track. Maybe if I were racing seriously I would look at something else, but that's is not gonna be happening. They had a nice long straightway and man did the WR shine on it. I got to get a good taste of the power of this bike! Wow! :) I may hit another track tomorrow. We'll have to see how I feel.

I wish I could try my WR on the track once. The occasion just never showed up. I would probably remove the flashers, buddy pegs and all these stuff though... :)

My bike is kind of heavy now...

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