Need stock '11 linkage arm. Anyone selling?

I've got a used'11 that the guy put on the PC rear link and I didn't get the stock link when I bought the bike. After about 10 hours of seat time, I need to try some drastic changes. This thing handles horribly off road and feels totally unhinged. The front and rear have 2 totally different ideas of what is going on and this thing will not turn. In addition, the rear does not feel that hooking up and accelerating in a straight direction is important. I've got my forks at 5mm above clamps and I've messed around with the sag quite a bit. When the shock heats up the rebound dampening goes to hell also and I'm bouncing down the trail. I had to go in a quarter turn on HS and in on rebound 2-3 clicks just to finish out a ride because I started bouncing around so much.

Anyway, looking for ideas and a stock link to try. My theory is that the link should raise the rear enough to get some weight on the forks so they will tuck more when I break into a turn and I should also be able to run a little more sag and relax the rear.... Btw, this thing does seriously bomb the nasty downhills and I haven't even put my stabilizer on yet.


I wouldnt think a link would change it all that much. I have heard it does change the way it handels but not to the extreme you are describing. Does it stil have the stock shock spring? May need to see if the spring is for your weight. Sometimes you may need to go up or down in size. I know on my 2011 the stock spring was suppose to be for my weight,i weigh 175lbs and with all my gear on i weigh 196lbs. the stock spring was too stiff for me, i couldnt get the bike to turn or squat(settle) in the turns and the stock spring was hard on my tail bone causeing it to hurt after riding.

i went from the stock 5.6kg spring I believe that is what it was a 5.4kg spring and it made a worlds of difference in turning and my tail bone stoped hurting.

I'm 185 w/out gear and I'm in the right range with the stock shock spring based on free and race sag.. With that said, the previous owner had work done to the fork for AA hare scrambles by Fox Racing Shox and also had their rear shock on the bike. When he sold it, he put the stock shock back on the bike. Basically I'm answering my own question as to why the front and rear don't seem to work together.....

I have one. Where you located?

Livermore. I work in San Jose and I'm on the peninsula a couple times a week.

Tell you what. PM your address and I'll send it to charge.

Motox100-- Very nice gesture.... Got to love this place. I shot you a message.

I believe the stock linkage will rise the rear 10mm from where the PC link puts it...

Big thanks to motox100. I got the stock linkage and this thing handles way better for the riding I do. I do a lot of steep up and down riding and the bike squatted way too much in the rear with the pc link. I couldn't hold a line with the front end on an up hill at all. Now the rear stays up and the front end sticks. This is also true in quick s turns and really everywhere IMO.

My front end is valves stiffer and the rear is stock, so the stock linkage seems to have balanced the bike back out. I have my forks 3mm above clamp to the bottom of the fork cap....much better. Funny how many people throw the pc link on right away. If your searching for front end bit and have the pc link, try going back to stock. Seems to have worked for me.

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