04 kx125 transmission problems

Cannot down shift past 3rd gear into to 2nd, 1st or neutral.

when we opened up the right side the clutch push rod came out in two pieces. the last inch of the rod was broken off cleanly at the joint were that piece is joined to the rest of the push rod.

Have not split the case. clutch, Peering in with a flashlight, gear box and gears all appear in good shape. can see no obvious damage.

any ideas. What is our next step?

Next step is going to be split the cases.

Next step is going to be split the cases.

and do what after that?

Split the case and see whats holding up the shifter shaft. im assuming there is something jammed in were it broke.

Sounds like the problem I had with mine but you will have to pull the motor apart and split the center cases to get access to the tranny.

What happened on my '04 only 18 hrs after new! was the upper tranny bearing in the left side of the case the upper tranny shaft rides on broke! Which then puts all the pressue of the tranny shaft on the clutch push rod that runs through the center of this shaft and it caused it to snap the push rod.

Like you I didn't know there was an issue untill it happened and my clutch lever start flopping on the bars into my hand mid ride, I had to replace like 2nd n 3rd and 4th gears the push rod all new bearings and seals for the center cases AND I had to buy new center case set! I was a bit pissed and kawi wouldn't step up and fix the problem the dealer felt bad and the best they could do was give me parts at their cost.

They must have known it was an issue cause in '05 kawi updated the center cases by making the oil grove channel to that bearing slightly deeper to lubricate it better.

Now the upside is after I got the bike fixed I never had a problem again but I did start adding like 50 ml's more motor oil cause I felt a lil more oil would make it's way to the bearing doing this. I also used maxima mtl 80 weight oil so it wasn't my oil and I swapped it max every two rides.

This pic will probably scare you


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