2006 YZ450F Clutch Drag

Well, I am now the proud owner of a beautiful 2006 YZ450f. The bike is pretty solid, has some nice aftermarket controls and whatnot. I noticed the clutch drags quite a bit! It's adjusted well, I tightened the cable to see if that would fix it but it just made it slip.

Is there any issues you 450 owners have with a dragging clutch? Next time I change the oil ill take the plates out and soak them for a bit and see if that helps. Your input is well appreciated! :ride:

Soaking them won't help, they're oiled already. Probably warped plates. A badly notched basket can also cause the problem.

Soaking them won't help, they're oiled already. Probably warped plates. A badly notched basket can also cause the problem.

I guess there is no telling what the problem is until I further investigate it and take apart the clutch.. Would you recommend a certain set of plates? I hear the cheap Tusk plates and springs are garbage.

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Use OEM Yamaha plates and springs. Low cost aftermarket stuff is way more trouble than the savings could ever make it worth. Premium aftermarket plates are expensive. Some, like Hinson stuff, is better than OEM, but they're expensive, and won't do much for most people that the stock stuff can't handle.

I picked up a sweet 06' earlier this year and had the same set of problems. Ended up replacing both the basket and inner hub as both were badly notched. I used the Tusk steel/fiber/spring kit, works great.

Well, took out the plates and fibers, from what I see the basket and hub is in great shape. How can you tell if the plates/fibers are warped? Thickness looks about right.. ordered a new Tusk clutch kit anyway. Nothing beat the price, and so what if it only lasts half as long as a OEM set, its half the price :p

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Update: Installed the Tusk clutch kit along with a new gasket and clutch work good! It feels like it grabs a little too early but I'm sure it will get better once it breaks in. There is a lot more power now, almost like the old clutch was slipping a tad bit! For the people who think Tusk is a bad kit, I will be recording how many hours this clutch lasts.

Its good too have an extra set of springs on hand so as to replace the older ones. After awhile the springs loose there some of there resistance of clamping force before the plates and every thing else wears. You can replace the springs after awhile and it makes the clamping force better which produces a better feel at the lever........

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