I found a new 2004 WR450 and I have some questions….

A friend is selling a basically brand new 04 WR450 and I am considering buying it from him (only 20 miles on the bike). I was all set to get a 2012 WR or KTM 500 but he is giving me a really good deal.

How does the 04’s compare to the 07 and up WR’s?

Are there any know issues with the 04’s?

Do you think the 2012 really that much better for someone that is going to do dual sport riding nothing to crazy?

My biggest concern is the weight. Does the 04 weigh or feel that much heavier than the 07 and up or even a 2012?

Thanks Greg

yes..the 04 wr is heavier than the newer ones. I had a dual sported 05 that I regrettably sold a few months ago. Not sure what the hell I was thinking. In the 7 years I had it, I still never wore it out.

The new wr and the ktm 500 are great bikes and are better in almost every way than the 04 wr.

That being said, the 04 a great bike. They are as reliable as anything you could possibly imagine. There are tons and tons and tons of aftermarkets stuff available.

If I was trail riding, dual sporting and NOT racing, I'd get the bike if the price is right. Don't get me wrong, the other bikes you mentioned are 8 years newer technology and better, but if the price was right and I wanted to save, I'd get the 04 because its a very, very good motorcycle.

The only known issues with it is that it will not run when the gas tank is empty. Other than that, just ride it!

As maurice has said, the '04 is a great bike! Absolutely stone reliable, and will do everything you ask of it, up too and including racing competitively (B+C divisions). I wouldn't hesitate for a second to purchase one if the price is right. The newer WR's are slightly lighter with there aluminum frames, and some would argue that they handle better too. But if you can get the '04 for a good price, you can then spend some of the savings on other accessories, like tires, skid plate, etc..

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