2012 WR450F Gray wire location?

I just purchases a new 2012 WR 450 F. I have read a lot of good info here. Great stuff. I have learned a lot. Thank you all. I have ordered the GYTR competition ECU and the power tuner and the shorter stop screw. I removed the pea shooter from the pipe and the baffles from the air box. I am still not certain of the gray wire location. I did find a gray wire behind the left front cover next to the radiator bracket, But it is in a Two Pin connector , not the six pin. I also looked behind the left back cover plate next to the air box and found no Six pin connector at all and no gray wire at all. Is there a change in the 2012 model? Just want to be sure before I pull it. Any help or a photo would be helpful for this rookie.

There is no gray wire on the 2012s

ok great news. thank for the information. I guess it time to try it out..

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