2008 YZ450f power tricks?

Just bought a 2008 Yz450f and was wondering what the power tricks and must do thing are with the bike???? Any help will be appreciated!



After market exhaust, yoshimura worked really well on my 08, if you don't already have one and go up to a 49t rear sprocket. Exhaust will make the biggest difference.

Have two 08's one with gytr exghaust and one with lex Vince . The lex is smoother on the power and way quieter. It is better for the woods . The gytr bike has a bigger hit in the meat of the power and seems better for the track . The gytr is noisy. Proper jetting is a must and play with different rear sprockets. Personally I like a 51 or a 52

Just bought a 2008 Yz450f and was wondering what the power tricks and must do thing are with the bike???? Any help will be appreciated!



Dr. D pipe and an 06 YZ cdi.

What does the 06 yz cdi do?

I got the MRD Pro Comp II and a JD jet kit with a R&D air/fuel screw for my 06450 and it rocks. Dave at MRD will give you a good deal if you talk to him, I got the pro comp II without the carbon fiber tip for less

What does the 06 yz cdi do?

More advanced timing in the lower rpm range.

What does the 06 yz cdi do?

More grunt at lower RPM's. The smack on the '08-'09 models was that they had weak low-mid range performance. They pull really hard from upper mid onward, and have almost 2 HP over the '06 model, but they don't pull out of slower corners and such nearly as hard as most people would like. The '06 CDI corrects that with remapped timing.

The original "shorty" exhaust and overlarge header make the matter worse, and almost any good pipe will fix it. The DRD stainless is my favorite.

is the cdi a direct plug in for later than 06 bikes(part #?)? as in no harness or anything else needed, eh?

i already put an 06 pipe on my 08. may look into a CDI next. although, the bike has good power as is....whats a lil more down low. haha

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Plug and play (but it works more often than Windows does)

ha! nice.

think ill notice an improvement if i were to change it?

thx gray

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Yes, you'll notice it.

sweet. a buddy has one hes sending me.

yay for xmas! haha

FMF full exhaust, install a set of intake and exhaust cams from a 2006 YZ 450f.. That is all the power you will ever need..

Full system Dr. D (with re-jet), Power Now valve for the carb body, aftermarket airfilter, and a 50T rear sprocket are the only performance modifications I've made to my 08. Night and day over stock.

Thinking about an exhaust for my '09 as well. Looking into a full system or just a slip on pipe with the stock header to replace the existing stock shorty exhaust. Does anyone have any insight into the differences of going with a full system vs. a slip on? Obviously since I am asking this question cost is a factor, like most I am on somewhat of a budget.

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