98 yz400 project bike or upgrade to new toy

I have a 98 yz400 and it's time to decide if I want this to become a full project bike and start rebuilding everything I can and setting this thing up to off road or if I should swap for something a little newer and lighter and build the new toy up. Thoughts / experience....

setting up for off road? whats it now?

i can only speak from experience. i had a 98 400, a 2000 426, and now ive got an 08 450. lemme tell ya.....once i got on the aluminum framed yz, i asked myself why the hell i waited so long. i used the 426 for supermoto mostly, and as the power was there to hang with the newer 450's (and even beat em on the straights) I felt i had gotten to the point where its handling was a limiting factor.

i immediately noticed a huge improvement in handling and the feel of how much lighter the newer chassis are.

so id say if youve got a little coin saved up, sell the 400, put that money and what youve saved on a nice 06-later bike, and have fun with it.

I never owned a older yz450, but my 2006 rides like a dream! I swear it handles like my old 250f did!

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