WR400 fork seals question

I have a 2000 WR400 that needs new fork seals. Who makes the best seals? And, are they difficult to change? Any other tips, tricks, surprises I should know about. The only fork seals I have done, were on an '81 Honda CB650, and those were not difficult and did not require any special tools.

I actually have the shop manual for the bike, but was unsure if special tools were needed. I just had a dealer quote $200 to do the job, so I may just bite the bullet, and have them do it.

I just made my own damper rod holding tool and fork seal driver and it cost next to nothing and have lasted me for years.

You now need a damper rod holding tool. Take a flashlight and look down inside the fork tube to get an idea of what the tool should look like. You're going to be making a castle nut remover basically the female version of a +. Go to home depot and buy a 1" piece of black gas pipe. Take a grinder and shape the end of the pipe to fit. Be careful and make be sure to do a good job in shaping the business end of the tool (and the tool will work for years). Once you've shaped the end you can drill 1/4" hole through the other end of the pipe so you can use a screw driver to hold it in place when in use.

If you don't have a seal driver (and you should) you can make one out of 2"or 2-1/2" PVC pipe split down the middle


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