Tried a few maps out

I tried out a few maps this past thanksgiving week while on a 4 day camping trip up near Long Barn in Nor Cal. Apx 4500 elevation, temp range from 45-60F, mostly technical 1-3rd gear woods riding with some long uphills and rocks-o-plenty. It was pretty slick wet dirt with pine needles mixed in. Skill-vet A(when I'm feeling good)

11 yz 450 with full 4.1 fmf, 50t rear, otherwise stock.

Started with the "woods map" as listed in the article, not as listed on TT ( this is the same as free rider posted)- really mellowed out the bike, but there was still a mid range surge that made the bike a handful in the slick stuff, but the bike responded very well to short shifting. The bike was very mellow in1st gear billy goat situations. This map worked the best for the trip.

Tried out the Marmont map and really liked it. It was fun and I found it controllable unless I really whiskey throttled it. I wouldn't use this for an all day ride, but it is fun.

Next, I tried out the MXA rider preferred "less hit" map. This felt similar to the woods map from the article off the bottom, but was much more lively through the mid and upper range. I'd need more traction to use this as an "all day" map.

I should have brought the tuner out on the trail and did more testing as it is very very easy.

My only issue with the woods and MXA less hit map is the fuel consumption. This thing was a gas hog compared to my buddies carb'd KTM's. I have an IMS tank and just about drained it after 40 miles


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I dont think it matters which map you have in.......These YZ EFI's suck the fuel. I have the same bike as you with the same full exhaust system and when we race on the weekends mine and both my buddies suck the gas. All of us run the Marmount map and thought it was that but now after hearing from you with the other maps guess its just the nature of to consume fuel.

They seem to be pretty awful on fuel. Lately for the last two or three track trips I have been running the less hit map. Seems to wear me out less quickly than the Marmont map. Last weekend I actually ran out of gas as I was about to enter the track. I didn't think I had run anywhere near enough to empty the tank since I filled it last.

The maps I used all have richer settings and it seems like most of the "less hit" maps are going to suck gas. When I ran the leaner Marmont map I didn't do enough miles to tell how the fuel consumption was. I'm going to try out some of the sharp and hard hitting maps tomorrow and should be good for the place I'm riding tomorrow as it has nice loam and hill climbs and is perfect after the wet storms we are having in Nor Cal.

Something you can experiment with is to modify one of the maps you like by backing off the fuel curve -1 at any point where the map calls for it to be above zero. The modified timing curve is often the most effective part of the map change.

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