New wrap around pipe design info.

I contacted Dubach Racing as to the possibility of them producing this type of pipe for the 10-13 YZ450F. They said that they are currently testing and pricing it. Also said that it would take new radiator(s), so not sure if it would be a practical product for them. Did not contact FMF, but think that they would be possibly going through the same steps. Probably shouldn't hold our breath on this, just some info for anybody that is interested.

Looks like a new water pump outlet "Y" and clutch cable modification required as well.

we "may" possibly see this design on the 2014 or later YZ450F's,..but to retro fit the wrap around pipe with new radiator's and what was mentioned earlier i wouldn't think is feasable for the average racer / rider. unless it's a project bike(?) or parts come from sponsoreship.

Justin Brayton's JGR Yamaha, FMF had one on a bike at ClubMX

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