'06 YZ 450f Gearing For Trails Riding?

I have been trying to find a sprocket combo to lower gear a '06 YZ 450f for trail riding and haven't found anything available... Where do you YZ 450f trail riders get your sprockets and what sprocket combo do you run? Also a good gold chain is on the list but I don't know what length or which brand. I am basically new to the YZ scene so I need some guidance.

JT sprockets has all sorts of them.


Thumpertalk store has stuff:


and theres also Rocky Mountain:


I always use Regina ORN6 chains (but i think now theyre just called the MSR Gold chains)

I forgot what gearing i have set up on my 08. i think its the 13/49. seems to work good for me, but your speed and trails may dictate a different ratio

the most common gearing for woods is 13/52 (13/49 should be stock)

I personally run 12/49 which is the same overall gearing, but some people say that the 12 tooth front sprocket is a bad idea, I don't remember why.. maybe accelerated chain guide wear or something.. the next time I get a set I will switch to 13/52

I disagree with gearing a bike down for trails, I run 13/49 which works just fine. I ride lots of tight woods with technical terrain and I also race Hare Scrambles. Lowering the gearing makes the bike too jerky for me. I want smooth power. To each his own though just giving you my opinion. Whatever you do at least get some type of sealed chain, a solid roller chain will get destroyed in a heartbeat on trail rides.

Thanks for the advice guys and the quick reply's! :thumbsup:

with the gearing i have, im able to switch to my supermoto setup without switching chains. :thumbsup:

that was the determining factor with what i had selected. i would get a 50/51 rear, then keep a couple Cs sprockets with you...theyre cheap and easy to change out if you want some variation.

Mainly Trail and MX.

I would go to Nate at Dirt Tricks and get a 13/52 set of Ironman sprockets then you can also order a Z-ring chain from him also.....

13/52. I slot the mounting holes on the chain guide to drop it. Otherwise I find it very hard on the plastic insert.

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